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Expert Witness Services

Orchard Street Partners has become a leading provider of expert witness services to the global capital markets.  Our collective experience which spans more than 50 years in several key industries and disciplines positions our group to provide our clients and their advisors with a unique capacity to inform and clarify.  Beginning with our abilites to assist in the development of basic background context, through the development of expert and rebuttal reports, to deposition and courtroom tesimony, Orchard Street Partners works closely with our clients and their legal representatives ,throughout the litigation process.  Our unique insight into the industries and disciplines that we work in, comes from years and years of hands-on experience, at all levels.  Some of the topics that we have examined include:
* The Role of a Corporate Trustee in Securitizations
* Events of Default and the Role of an Indenture Trustee
* The Relationship between a Servicer, Master Servicer and a Trusteee in a Securitization
* The Role of an Independent Director
* Industry Standards for a Bond Trustee
In light of the high levels of securities related litigation in recent years, we have been involved in a wide variety of structured finance cases, including the following asset classes and security types:
* Residential Mortgage Backed Securities
* Asset Backed Commercial Paper Conduits
* Collateralized Debt Obligations
* Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
* Student Loan Securitizations  
Litigation Support Services
In many situations Orchard Street Partners has proved to be a capable advisor to a client's litigation team, working behind the scenes to help educate, to assist in the development practical legal strategies, to indentify and qualify potential expert witnesesses and generally support the litigation life cycle from complaint through deposition and trial.

For more information, please contact:

Mark F. Ferraris
Managing Principal